product development


Jeff Lewis advised me on product development, handled my sourcing and gave me extensive counsel on everything else in the start up phase of my toy company. - Laura Whole Wide World Toys

Many of my clients have come to me after spending a lot of time, money and effort developing their concept.  This is usually the ‘easy’ part of the process.  Here are just a few things to consider: 

  1.  Is your product safe in its current form/design?
  2.  Is your product actually engineered in such a fashion so as to be effectively and efficiently manufactured, in volume?
  3. Will the finished product be reliable? 

Many of my clients have come to us with great ideas, and, in many cases, beautifully rendered and or prototyped.  However, I have yet to have a client come to me with a  fully engineered item, ready for production.

With extensive experience and resources, both in the U.S. and Asia, we can take your concept from napkin to production, with resources for anything and everything necessary to produce a high quality, safe and durable product.  From rendering to prototyping to packaging; from engineering and safety, testing to factory compliance issues, we will guide you through all phases of pre-production development.